St. Paul’s School speaks to the needs of families by providing quality care for their children and assisting them with the tools needed for parenting. We are committed to offering a quality Parent Education program that prepares our families for the pressures and concerns of parenting today. The program introduces parents to experts in the fields of Child Development and Early Childhood Education. Additionally it allows families to participate in their child’s school community.

Parent Education topics include:

  • Redirecting Children's Behavior (one free introductory class followed by a 6-week series)

  • Beyond St. Paul's School (a 2-part event):

    • Part 1: School Forum Information Days

    • Part 2: Navigating the Admissions Maze

  • Partnering for Potty Training

  • Technology and the Family: Finding a healthy balance between screen time and family time

  • The 8 Sensory Systems and How They Impact Your Child's Eating

  • All About Kindergarten

  • The Power of Prayer

  • The Truth About Why Kids Push Our Buttons

  • Social Emotional Development and Your Child

St. Paul’s School provides such an incredibly welcoming and loving environment for its families. When we enter the building, every teacher and staff member who passes by, greets us and knows my son by name. Children leave St. Paul’s excited about learning with the building blocks they need to be successful in grade school and beyond. We are so grateful for St. Paul’s School!