St. Paul’s School teachers and staff are special people. Led by our Director, Debra Fischer, the goal of every staff member is to develop an authentic, respectful connection with the child. Using these connections, the teachers help each child grow in a well‐rounded way: socially, emotionally, spiritually, physically and intellectually. Teachers carefully plan activities that allow children to express themselves, experience freedom of choice, and develop self­‐reliance and spontaneity. A highly qualified staff is a top priority; 75% of our teachers have four-year degrees and they average 7 years of experience at St. Paul’s School. All have been certified in First Aid, Infant, Child and Adult CPR and they continue their education with 30 hours of professional development each year. Our teachers provide continuity; familiar faces that children can count on to be there for support year in and year out.



The curriculum identifies important skills and knowledge for the children as well as effective methods to help children learn and develop across a broad range of developmental and content areas. The content areas include early literacy, early mathematics, science and technology, creative expression, health and safety and social studies.

Children are provided with the opportunity to choose many different types of materials and activities. The daily schedules provide a balance between child-directed and teacher-directed activities, quiet and active time, and inside and outside play. The teacher carefully plans activities that pique children’s interest and curiosity so that learning and exploring continues into creative expression and self-initiated learning.

The curriculum of St. Paul’s School is often re-evaluated and realigned as our society and its expectations evolve.


Student/Teacher Ratios

Young Toddler (12-18 mos)                      8:2
Older Toddler (19-23 mos)                       8:2
Twos (2 years & 1-5 mos)                   12:2
Older Twos (2 years 6 mos, turning 3)  14:2
Threes (3 years)                                     16:2
Pre-K (4 years)                                       16:2
Kindergarten (5 years)                        16:2




Jones Building | The Jones School Building addition and renovation was completed in 2010 and was awarded LEED Silver Certification. LEED Certified buildings must meet high standards for performance and quality. Features of the project include:

  • Energy Efficiency: 
    23% reduction in energy output as compared to applicable building code 

  • Water Conservation: 
    38% reduced potable water usage through low flow plumbing fixtures 

  • Construction Waste Management: 
    89% of all construction waste diverted from landfills 

  • Recycled Content & Regional Materials: 
    20% total recycled content in the building materials and products used 

  • Building Reuse: 
    96% of the existing floors, walls & roof structures preserved in the renovation area 

  • Indoor Air Quality: 
    Low VOC materials used for all sealants, paints and flooring materials



The St. Paul’s School playground is a favorite among our children! This large, open play space has been designed and developed specifically for their ages to inspire creativity and imagination.

Our playground equipment is updated as needed each year, to maintain the safety of our children. St. Paul’s outdoor space also features a garden where children gain hands-on experience, planting and growing their own vegetables. In 2018, a butterfly garden was added for the children to explore.