St. Paul's Preschool


NAEYC standards dictate that families must have a stake in school programs and decisions. Parent involvement is encouraged at St. Paul’s School, but not mandatory.  Parent volunteers work together to support the school through fundraising, curriculum, enrichment and social events. These events strengthen the school community by building relationships and providing opportunities to exchange ideas, culture, customs and talents.  Families are also given opportunities throughout the year to provide their feedback. 

Book Fair
Our book fair is a two day event that raises funds for the school library and classroom libraries, and also provides curriculum resources for the classrooms. 

Children of the World Fair
This fair is a multi-‐cultural event lasting four days, in which children learn about a different country each day and have the opportunity to dress up, taste foods from the country and so much more. 

Spring Carnival
The Spring Carnival includes age appropriate game booths, rides and food. So much fun to be had by the whole family!